Volunteer in Hamilton

Volunteers are an essential part of Zero Waste Canada, we couldn’t do it without your help! At Zero Waste Canada, there are two types of volunteers:

(1) Volunteer drivers pick up extra food from our partner food vendors and redirect the food to local humanitarian agencies. Volunteer drivers are assigned to food rescue routes on a schedule that works best for them.

(2) Virtual volunteers help set up and run virtual events and operations

Let’s get you signed up! To start, please fill out the following form:

Volunteer Agreement

I agree to participate as a volunteer with Zero Food Waste Canada Ltd. (Hamilton Chapter) and I have familiarized myself with the criteria related to my participation within the program.

I hereby agree to the following expectations in any/all activities associated with my role as a volunteer:

  1. Be punctual to all events that you are registered for, especially pickups/deliveries.
  2. Stay professional by being respectful at all times, keeping positive, and watching your tone.
  3. Wear appropriate attire based on current health regulations (masks, gloves, etc).
  4. For Volunteer Drivers, recognize missing a pickup without prior 48h notice to the food provider will result in a strike. After 3 consecutive strikes, you will no longer be able to volunteer as a driver.

I hereby acknowledge all of the risks involved with my participation in any/all activities associated with my role as a volunteer. I will not hold the national organization, Zero Food Waste Canada Ltd., nor its members liable for any loss or damage of property and/or equipment. I also agree to release Zero Food Waste Canada Ltd. and its executive team members from and against all claims, demands, and judgements from injuries or damage in connection with my participation in the program.

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